Transmedia Storytelling: Meaning Comes from the Ability to Share, Explore, and Discover

Transmedia storytelling is not just for telling stories.  Thanks to social technologies, the principles that drive transmedia storytelling ensure that it will emerge as the basis for effective communication and engagement.  Transmedia — using multiple channels of communication and technologies — is unique in that it allows stories and messages to be constructed in the same the way we make sense of the […]

All The World Is A Story

Transmedia storytelling is rapidly becoming the new ‘must have’ in marketing and entertainment. Its adoption is slowed, however, by the confusion over what exactly it is. Like most things, there are lots of definitions, but with transmedia storytelling, it’s easy to be distracted by the promise of the wide array of tools and get caught […]

Transmedia storytelling: It’s the story stupid!

We need a new name for ‘transmedia storytelling’.  It seems like all the excitement about big transmedia storytelling projects has made it the buzz term du jour.  But somehow, in all that excitement, the fundamentals have become obscured. It’s important to remember that in ‘transmedia storytelling,’ that ‘transmedia’ is an adjective.  ‘Storytelling’ is the noun. […]

Transmedia Storytelling Webinar takes 2011 IMA Award

The webinar we developed for UCI Extension, “The Power of Transmedia Storytelling: Persuasive Communications Across Emerging Technologies,” won the best webinar content by the Internet Marketing Association.  We created it for the course we teach on Transmedia Storytelling and Marketing for UCI Extension’s Internet Marketing Certificate Program. We were excited to have our work acknowledged […]

Transmedia Storytelling Raises Awareness in OCD Campaign

Stories are powerful things. The International OCD Foundation is putting transmedia storytelling to work in its new campaign to raise awareness and overcome stereotypes about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) called Dare to Believe…Together We Can Beat OCD. Stories are a primal form of communication that allows us to capture and share authentic human experience. If […]