NPR’s Scott Simon: Live-Tweeting Death

Is it possible to share profound human experience in 140 characters or less? NPR’s popular host, Scott Simon, live-tweeted his 84-year-old mother’s passing from her bedside in a Chicago hospital. By doing so, he challenged some commonly held beliefs about social media in general and Twitter in particular. Twitter, due to its terse style, is often […]

Selfie Use or Abuse? Take the Quiz.

My last post, Making Sense of Selfies, generated some interesting and spirited comments.  Some were for and some against, but none neutral.  For better or for worse, depending upon your point of view, the fact remains that selfies are a current trend and trends are, by definition, something that is increasing in popularity. As a society, […]

New Release: Global Mobile: Applications and Innovations for the Worldwide Mobile Ecosystem

I am very proud and honored to have contributed a chapter to the newly published Global Mobile: Applications and Innovations for the Worldwide Mobile Ecosystem. Thanks to editors Peter Bruck and Madanmohan Rao, my chapter is one of 31 authored by an impressive international line-up of researchers, thought leaders and practitioners that provide a survey of mobile technology and […]

Adobe Report: Creativity & Education

Adobe published a report on the need for more creativity in education (Creativity in Education: Why it Matters), polling college-educated people with full time employment.  Results telling, but perhaps not surprising — overwhelming majority of participants felt creativity was important in their careers (78%), that creativity was critical to problem-solving (85%), and that creativity should […]

Sandy Hook Tragedy Sparks Social Media Avalanche

The Sandy Hook tragedy has created an avalanche of response across social media.   The senseless violence has so outraged and shocked people that is has turned observers into advocates and supporters.  Whether it’s showing support, lobbying for gun control, promoting mental health  initiatives or calling for school lockdowns, people who don’t normally speak up are […]