How to Get RSVPs to Your Kid’s Party

Lots of things have gotten more casual over the years. People used to dress up to take an airplane. Not a lot of us have calling cards and silver trays.  That makes lots of things more comfortable. Technology has made a big difference in the casualness and immediacy of communications. One of the social niceties […]

Santa Barbara Tragedy: No Easy Answers

The massive response to Santa Barbara shooting shows how the immediacy of social media increases emotional involvement.  The resulting conversations around the shooting—moving quickly from the tragedy itself to the larger topic of misogyny–also shows how much we are driven to engage with something more concrete to make sense out of senselessness. It’s hard do […]

Binge Watching: The Power Shift That Redefines TV Watching

Binge viewing is when you control what you watch and when you watch it The problem with binge viewing is that it isn’t really a problem.  It represents another shift of control from producers to consumers thanks to technology.  It also violates our mental model of ‘TV viewing.’ Binge viewing is watching more than one […]

Can Selfies Redefine Beauty? Dove Thinks So

As you may have noticed from previous posts, I am pro-selfie.  Selfies are those pictures you take of yourself with a camera phone and flip around lens.   I’m not in favor of selfies because I like to take them.  I like selfies because they are a form of expression enabled by new technology.  And I […]

8 Ways Selfies Can Make Your Life Better

It’s rare to read an article about selfies, Millennials or Facebook without narcissism making an appearance in the first paragraph. No wonder people, especially parents, get worried when they see the proliferation of selfies posted on Instagram or Facebook as if taking selfies were, well, a normal thing to do. News bulletin: Taking selfies is […]

Flash Mob Brings Rembrandt to Life

Last April, the Rijksmuseum, the Museum of Netherlands, and their major sponsor ING celebrated the reopening of the museum after lengthy renovations by organizing a unique flash mob.  They recreated one of Rembrandt’s most famous works, the Night Watch, in a shopping mall. The performance is a delight to watch but it also does two things. […]