You have a story.  Find it.  Use it.

Everything has a story–whether it’s a brand, a marketing campaign, a fundraising drive, or an entire organization.   Coordinated storytelling across multiple media is transmedia storytelling.  Everything is transmedia.  We learn about brands by gathering information all around us–websites, Twitter, reviews, blogs, Facebook, radio, television, print and word of mouth.  Transmedia storytelling is strategically-planned, coordinated storytelling across multiple media.  It creates multiple touchpoints to inspire and engage your customers.

A story captures the essence of who you are and what you do.   The human brain is hardwired for stories.  Our brains need a story to make sense out of the fire hose of multi-sensory information around us all day long.  We need a story to commit anything to memory and make it stick. We need a story to project into the future, to see how it feels to use your product or service.  Stories have emotion and the ability to take customers on a journey that creates a relationship with your organization or brand.

Story is everything. Story speaks to your customers, story focuses leaders and employees, and story creates a cohesive culture.

I offer presentations, workshops and consultations customized to address the needs of your business, organization, or brand.  For example: